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"You Don't Know The Journey" - This Poor Son Of A Bitch Moping About Aaron Rodgers' Injury As His Wife Laughs At Him Is Every Sad Jets Fan

I have a message to this Jets fan and every other Jets fan around the world right now...

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I know the journey. I know the pain. I know what it's like wondering if you will even be alive if/when your team makes it to the mountaintop. I know what it's like to have hope for the first time in forever only to have it ripped away from you almost instantly, with the latest instance for me being Edwin Diaz's leg exploding after winning a super important World Baseball Classic game. 

This poor Jets fan with incredible posture knows it all too well and didn't even uncross his legs while explaining to his lady about all the idiocy that goes into being a sports fan and the craziness that has you bloodlusting for the opposing QB to feel your pain. Even Klemmer's spidey senses were tingling before the game, which makes this even more twisted.

I watched my team get curb stomped 40-0 last night at the very same stadium to open the season against a division rival. While that sucked, I knew it could get worse since I know New York teams that end in "ets" somehow always get the short end of the stick, even if the stick is one centimeter long. And while there is no group of fans more ready to bounce back, tonight feels different. Tonight was The Big One for some Jets fans that only know the darkness like Bane but have finally come to terms that they will never see the light.



Also I hear this guy's girl giggling but she won't find it so funny when he tells her not to ask him to do nothing. DISHES…NOTHING!!!

On the bright side for Jets fans, Garrett Wilson is still playing, still fucking awesome, and helped the Jets tie up this game. The war may have just gotten exponentially more difficult but the battle is still taking place.

UPDATE: We have a doink and in game-tying field goal at the end of the 4th. All part of the journey I suppose.

UPDATE UPDATE: A walkoff punt return in overtime! That's why you stay on the journey and never leave, no matter how completely fucked up it is.


What a game. What a sport. The script writers were truly in their bag this week.