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The Zach Wilson Experience Is Going Really Well So Far While Aaron Rodgers Is Feared To Have An Achilles Injury

Mike Stobe. Getty Images.

There wasn't a cell in Zach Wilson's body that believed he'd be getting booed off the field at half time tonight. Well, that's exactly what just happened. Rodgers goes down four plays into his first series with an ankle injury. He limped off the field and got carted to the locker room where he underwent testing. Who but Zach Wilson, a man who was cast aside last year, came in to replace him. Have to imagine this was his mindset in that moment. 

Really positive thoughts all around no doubt. 

Well, for those hoping he'd enter a new man, keep hoping.  

"Just a terrible read by Zach Wilson" out of the mouth of Troy Aikman following that throw. We also got an elite middle finger as well from this Jets fan. 

The boys in the gambling cave are handling it well. 

While x-rays were reported negative, that doesn't come close to getting Rodgers out of the woods. He was seen in a walking boot and ruled out for the game. Tons of twitter docs have feared for an Achilles tear and now we have this report. 

Zoomed in zapruder look. Not good when the calf pops like that folks. 

Didn't think it could get much worse than losing 40-0 on Sunday Night Football, but this certainly takes the cake. I'm in disbelief. We didn't even get a full series to see Rodgers in a Jets uniform. Truly the most Jets thing to ever happen.