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Peyton Manning Only Watched Aaron Rodgers Film For The Manningcast And Says Now He's Got Nothing For The Rest Of The Game

Everyone is screwed now that Aaron Rodgers suffered an injury on his first drive with the Jets. Obviously the Jets are fucked if he's seriously hurt, nobody in America wants to watch Zach Wilson in primetime and even Peyton Manning has no idea what to talk about for the rest of the game because he only watched film on Rodgers.

This actually makes me want to tune into the Manningcast more than I normally would, honestly. It's just going to be the Peyton Story Hour for the second half and that sounds infinitely better than any New York Jets game. Yeah, this sucks for Rodgers and all, but just turn Peyton loose and let him tell stories about the glory days. Get me to ESPN2 stat.

Ts and Ps to Jets fans, though.