Robert Saleh's Empty, Blank Stare Into Nothingness After The Aaron Rodgers Injury Says It All

Every single person reading this has had one of these moments in their life.

Something so fucking stupid and miserable happens to you, that your mind just goes numb and empty as you stare off into the void of dark hopelessness.

I can promise you that this is what was going through Robert Saleh's mind: NOTHING.

He isn't thinking about Rogers. He isn't thinking about Zach Wilson. He isn't thinking about the Bills. He isn't thinking about football. He isn't thinking about literally a single, concrete thing in existence... or not in existence. Just... nothing.

He isn't even in a state of GOB from Arrested Development thinking, "Hello darkness, my old friend."

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He isn't even thinking about anything to cue the Curb Your Enthusiasm music.

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I feel for Robert Saleh and especially Jets fans.

Even at the moment, I type out this blog, we only know that Aaron Rodgers suffered an ankle injury and is questionable to return. That is already better news than the assumption that his knee exploded. He may be okay!


But even having to endure the absolute horror show of the immediate, minutes-into-the-season comedown from the preseason hype following the trade for Aaron Rodgers, is soul-crushing for a fanbase that has endured some absolute shit-eating moments.

As a Browns fan, trust me, I can relate.

Just like can relate to…

…that stare.