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Aaron Rodgers Getting Carted Off the Field on His First Drive With the Jets is the Most Jets Thing Ever

Elsa. Getty Images.

It seemed innocent enough. Leonard Floyd comes in unblocked. Aaron Rodgers goes down. And yet …

Never underestimate the power of the New York Jets to turn a potentially great situation into a catastrophe. 

And so another savior appears to have bitten the dust. 

And Zach Wilson, the one quarterback they wanted two years ago and so didn't want last year that they moved heaven and Earth to acquire Rodgers:

is the quarterback not of the past, not of some distant, glorious future, but of the present. 

Of course, it would be impolite to issue "Told you so"s. Or to suggest that Rodgers lacked a certain commitment to the Jets program. And that putting all your resources into an ayahuasca enthusiast with a 39-year-old body was a risk that bordered on the irresponsible:

But now is not the time for that. The Jets had yet another savior in a long line of saviors get carted off the field the first time he took the field. Done seemingly for the night. Perhaps the season. And potentially for life. After posting a stat line of 1 Attempt, 0 Completions, 0 Yards. 

Only time will tell how this plays out. But all we know for sure right now is that, of all the New York Jets in the world, Aaron Rodgers hitched his future to the New York Jetsiest.