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The Chiefs Panic And Get A One Year Deal Done With Chris Jones After Their Thursday Night Loss To the Lions

I'm guessing the urgency to get this done increased greatly after they saw what was happening on the field last Thursday. To the Chiefs credit they played pretty good defense against the Lions, but if Chris Jones is out there they probably win the game. This deal to me is like listen let's get me back on that field and we can talk in the off season if you want to pay me. He actually changes that entire defense and I now can't wait to bet on the Chiefs this weekend with him and Kelce back. 

Optics wise I think this makes Chris Jones look like a team player and like he isn't selfish at all. I have no ill will towards anyone that holds out for more money that they deserve. I think the Chiefs are going to get even further fucked by having to pay him more after this year because he is going to show how much they need him. Still, he should have stayed out one more week hope for a loss and come in for the rescue.