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Former Secret Service Member Claims He Was The One Who Found The JFK "Magic Bullet" And His Account Completely Discredits The Warren Commission

One of John F. Kennedy's Secret Service agents -- who was with him in the car that day -- says the famed magic bullet theory doesn't quite add up ... based on what he remembers.

Paul Landis shared his story with NYT, which will also be touched on in a new book of his due out in Oct. Here, he recounts what he says happened when the Prez was assassinated ... insisting the first bullet to hit JFK wasn't the same one to pierce Gov. Connally.

He claims he actually recovered the first sniper bullet himself, which he says was lodged in the backseat behind where Kennedy sat. Landis says he snatched it because he thought it was a key piece of evidence, threw it on Kennedy's stretcher -- thinking docs would find it -- but presumes the bullet bounced off JFK's stretcher and into Connally's in all the ruckus. 

In other words, Landis is now saying that the first bullet that struck Kennedy probably started and ended with him ... and did not travel on to hit Connally. That lends credence to the notion of a second shooter -- something conspiracy theorists have asserted for ages now.

This story slipped right under my nose because I was with Coach Prime in that thin mountain air this weekend. Just a little saturday drop that would completely upend the Warren Commission findings that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter. 

People are now saying that the "Magic Bullet Theory" is bullshit. I'd like to file that as "no fucking shit". We didn't need this 88 year-old former Secret Service agent to tell the NYT and Vanity Fair while promoting his book that he found the bullet in the car and placed the bullet on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital. Better late than never. It is crazy to me that anyone at the scene is even still alive as we are approaching the 60th anniversary of the assassination. 

People have asked me why I care about the Kennedys and the assassination of both John and Robert to much. Well, for starters, the fucking President of The United States was murdered in broad daylight and then the guy who they arrested for doing the broad daylight murdering was murdered on national television. Then you find out that the body was illegally removed, the chain of custody on the "magic bullet" was complete bullshit, the autopsy findings were changed with a stroke of a pen by the Warren Commission, the limo was scrubbed and cleaned even though it was a crime scene, and somehow they lost the President's brain after the autopsy and it's never been found. The President was murdered and it was caught on camera and the crime was never really solved. 60 years later there are still documents that are classified. No lawmaker or Chief Executive has ever really been able to release everything. How are we not talking about that every single day? 

I'll always be fascinated by it. I could do a 100 part podcast on the JFK assassination and still not be satisfied. We did an ep so long ago on Dogwalk about JFK and The CIA that it was in the old office before we ever painted it. I might start a tiktok series about the assassination. Do something every day until the anniversary