#HealthyDebate I Dominated Will Compton With Stats And Figures(*Did Have One Mess up) But His Pump Up Speech Has Me Ready To Run Through A Wall

Healthy Debate Episode 2 is in the books and we just had our first guest Will Compton. The guy is a stud. A 10 Year NFL Veteran, a top tier podcaster, and someone I'm happy to call a friend. However he's also a Nebraskas Cornhusker alum and right now they are the bottom of the barrel in terms of college football. They are so bad i even forgot they lost to Minnesota. They are so bad I actually mixed up that they couldn't have possibly lost to Minnesota and Colorado. That's on me. Everyday we get sharper. Everyday is a day to get better. 

Anyway ... Will came on and I befuddled this man with stats and numbers he looked like if you put a tax form in front of a walrus. Absolute befuddlement. The guy was trying to wiggle and worm his way away from the fact that subpar programs have more wins than The Huskers since 2010, and didn't show a single ounce of respect to the sport of college basketball. A sport which the Huskers have NEVER WON AN NCAA TOURNAMENT GAME...EVER, and have the 4th longest drought ever in terms of making their CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS! He rambled about Volleyball. I stopped listening, I was so bored in giving him a clinic on how to debate. 

However, Will may have saved the program when I asked him how to save the program and he had me ready to run through a wall. A true pump up speech like you read about. All time speech. I will say it ... if the Huskers send me a sweatsuit ... I will formally declare they win a CFB Title in the next 5-10 years. 

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Also ... hug your loved ones, and never forget all the guys who ran the wrong way that day. 

God Bless America