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Some Jerk Wrote a Hit Piece on My Guy Martin Short and I (and Ben Stiller) Won't Stand for It

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On Friday at 5:40am most people were either sleeping or doing something productive with their mornings, ya know, like making breakfast or getting ready for work.

Enter: Dan Kois. A man who decided to get up before sunrise to write and publish an article for Slate called “Why We Keep Putting Up With Martin Short”.

In this nasty op-ed he called Martin things like “devastatingly unfunny”, "exhausting" and "sweaty". Seeing this felt like someone just poked a dagger through my heart. 

Just goes to show that even with the brightest stars, people will still try and bring them down. Obviously, plenty of stars came to his defense, including Adam Devine & Ben Stiller. 

When was the last time Ben Stiller got involved in drama?

Martin Short is a comedic legend, a genius, some may even goes as far as to say a comedic God. There's just no debate on this. The article was bizarre and there is no good reason to go after this man. Leave Martin Short alone Dan! Maybe just go back to bed.

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