I Accidentally Chugged The Bears Pre-Season Kool-Aid

I don't know why I am this way, but it is in my nature to be an optimist. Situations, organizations, people, relationships will be better tomorrow. I think I would rather lead a life that way than being perpetually negative and looking for reasons to be upset. I don't want to be Frank Flemming. I also don't think Frank being right about the Mets makes the Mets season any less upsetting/disappointing for him. He just saw it coming. Me, I am the guy who gets decapitated with a crack back block from the same teams over and over and over and then doesn't see it happening the next time. The joy of beliefs coming true (Blackhawks Cups, Bedard, Forest, Notre Dame going undefeated several times, the Cubs not selling at this deadline) is in my opinion better than having your guard up so you don't get as disappointed. 

In the case of the Bears...I should've been more cautious. They did, after all, finish dead fucking last in the NFL a mere 9 months ago. Maybe I shouldn't have said 10 wins is a floor a group with rookies all over the defense, new faces all over the offense, and a QB that still has a lot to prove. I fucked up. I was stupid. There is a happy medium between where I live and Frank. If I am being honest...I thought I did live in that happy medium. Credit to me for looking in the mirror after what happened yesterday. I was wrong. I thought the Bears would take care of business at home against a Packers team without a HOF QB. I thought they would take what was working last year offensively and add to it instead of completely abandoning it. I thought the defense, while young, would be improved. I went from looking at the schedule and thinking the Bears would escape September with a winning record. Now I am just hoping for a win. 

As disgusting of a performance as yesterday was, I am also *hopeful* that maybe it'll serve as a wake up call for everyone at Halas Hall. The defense can't be vanilla and passive. The offense can't allow the opponent to be completely comfortable. That was the biggest take away I guess. The Bears don't have a single player on offense or defense that makes the opposition uncomfortable unless Getsy is going to use Justin Fields differently. I still believe he can be effective from the pocket, but I think he will be a lot more dangerous from the pocket if the defense is always worried that he's going to run as soon as they turn their backs to him. The Packers were never worried yesterday. Everything was in front of them. No threats, no danger, just short of the sticks without a sniff of a big play. 

Long way to go this year, but it starts to get scary in a hurry if they don't show up for a fight in Tampa.