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I Don't Know What This Move Is Called But Sam Howell Got MMA'd To Death Yesterday


I mean this is simply one of the more outrageous things you'll see on the football field this year




Let me say this about the Cardinals yesterday- they were definitely coached up to be dirty. If you watched the game it was abundantly clear the Cardinals were going to take as many cheap shots as possible. It was wild. And that's how you end up with a guy giving a hurricanrana to Sam Howell like he's Rey Mysterio going for the Intercontinental Championship.

And as I said, it wasn't a one time thing. From the very beginning of the game the Cardinals were playing dirty, some of which resulted in penalties (and an injury to the ref)



The ref in yesterday's game is a rookie ref and he lost control of the game EARLY. The Cardinals also stink and need any advantage they can get, but I am not sure toeing the line of legal/illegal hits in the modern day NFL is going to work. Maybe you can cheap shot Sam Howell, but if something like that happens to Patrick Mahomes the entire Cardinals defense will be in jail.