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The Browns Curse Strikes Again As All-Pro Offensive Tackle Jack Conklin Is Out For The Year With A Torn ACL

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. I feel awful for Jack Conklin. He missed the remainder of the 2021 season after he tore his patella in his knee, sat out the first 8 games last year, and now he's done for this season after playing a whopping one quarter. What an awful string of events to happen to a really good guy and when healthy, one of the best Right Tackles in the game.

Okay, not to be insensitive but Jack's ultimately going to be okay with the 4-year, $60 million dollar extension he signed in December. One person who I'm truly worried about and feel bad for is myself: a Cleveland Browns fan. This team looked so fucking good yesterday, and I'm already drinking not just the playoff Kool Aid but the Super Bowl Kool Aid as well. I haven't seen the Jets nor Bills play yet, but there wasn't a team that took the field this weekend that looked better than the Cleveland Browns did. We have the quarterback. We have the running back. We have the receivers. We have the 1985 Bears on defense. We have the the coaching. And we finally have a fucking kicker!!!! We just need to stay.....healthy.

They say every team is 2 injuries on the line away from being terrible, and folks, through one game, the Browns are down a cornerstone piece of their line. Why does this shit always happen to Cleveland? Nothing can go right for this franchise. We haven't been good in 3 decades, and now that we finally have a Super Bowl quality roster, we immediately get injured. 

 The good news is that 4th round draft pick out of THE Ohio State University, Dawand Jones, filled in very admirably yesterday.

I'm very pleased with how he played, but I'm also absolutely terrified that the first start of his career will come next week vs the Steelers on Monday Night Football where he is expected to block TJ Watt.