Brandon F. Walker Is Correct - Hot Shots! Might Be The Best Comedy Of The 1990s


We had two of the biggest pricks at the company on today's snake draft and it was a beautiful trip down memory lane. This week we drafted "1990s comedies" and it goes without say, the conversation amongst panel mates surrounding 1990s comedies was nothing short of fantastic. Just the fellas chopping it up about Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler a whole bunch and for the first time ever on the illustrious snake draft.

Typically I'd take this moment and this blog to shit on Brandon Walker. That won't be happening today, however, as he drafted what might actually be the funniest movie of the entire decade: 

I'm talking none other than "Hot Shots!" of course. Here's the trailer: 

Two things on Hot Shots! - 

1. I hadn't seen it in probably...10 or so years... and decided to fire it up this weekend to make sure it holds up. It does. 
2. Not enough people have seen it, let alone recognize it's comedic brilliance 

And yes, it's brilliant. If you've seen it - which not a whole lot of people have - you'd know exactly what both myssalf an Sure it's straight out of of the 70s and 80s "spoof" movie genre a la Airplane and of course, The Naked Gun.

It's a Top Gun spoof and a coked out Charlie Sheen should have won an Oscar playing Topper Harley and Lloyd Bridges should have won an Oscar Admiral Benson. I'll just leave it at that, so this is what you're gonna do: 

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2. Listen to this week's 1990s draft
3. Watch Hot Shots!, tweet me how hilarious it is, and then watch Hot Shots! Part Deux, its equally funny sequel that parodies Rambo