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A Model Named Sika Moon Made a Digital Copy Of Herself And Now Earns $20,000 a Month Putting Out Pictures Of Her A.I. Virtual Clone

So as you may have realized, we're slowly headed towards living in the Matrix. Reality is being pushed away and VR/AI is taking over. Robots are becoming more and more advanced by the day. Our brains are being rewired as we speak to accept this fake world as the standard, none more than the example I'm about to give. 

Meet Sika Moon, a model from Berlin. 

Not that guy, this person.

Beautiful, right? Well, that's not even her. This is her A.I. clone she digitally copied. 

This genius has managed to turn her A.I. self into a cash cow to the tune of $20k a month! We're talking Frank the Tank Cameo money. 

Daily Mail

An adult performer has revealed how her virtual clone is now raking in $20,000 (£16,000) a month - earning her more than her real pornographic shots.

Sika Moon, a 28-year-old model from Berlin, used artificial intelligence (AI) to make a copy of herself, which she has been using to engage with thousands of fans online.

'She's a part of me. And I love her!' she told MailOnline. 'My fans know she's like me and there's no agency, chatbot or random nerd chatting.' Like OnlyFans, Fanvue is a site that allows content creators to monetise their images and videos.

Users can view Sika's content and 'chat with her' for $10.99 (£8.82) a month. Subscribers can even request custom-made content, which Sika claims is often surprisingly 'normal' and not 'smutty'.

I think I speak for most men when I say we are all very, very stupid. That's not a knock on Sika at all, girl get yours however you can. But man, enough people totaling $20k a month to salivate over an A.I. woman is wild. You could make the argument that paying for a real person's Only Fans is moronic when porn is free and accessible at the touch of a keyboard. Now we're doing this for a fake person. You don't even need to brave the internet and promote your own risqué photos anymore. Soon enough you're just gonna type in a person's name into an A.I. system and they're gonna spit out a full porno. 

I always say we need to be taught more important things in high school that prepare us for our adult lives. Like tell me how crucial my credit score is. Warn me that forgetting about a $20 annual fee on a GAP credit card could tank my life and prevent me from getting a house. Or encourage me to copy my digital self and sell those scandalous pictures to creepy men on the internet for my monetary gain. Let's use our heads, people!

Well, congrats to Sika Moon for stumbling into a gold mine. $200,000+ for posting an augmented version of yourself online is such a great gig.