A River Of Wine Flows Through A Portuguese Village After A 2.2 Million Liter Tank Breaks And I'm Getting Back On A Plane

Winemakers painted the small Portuguese town of São Lourenco do Bairro red after two of its trucks accidentally spilled 2.2million litres of red wine down a quiet street. 

A fast-moving river of red wine flowed down a steep hill in the small town, near the coast of Portugal, after two tanks owned by Levira Distillery suddenly gave way on Sunday. 

Baffled locals looked on as the wine, nearly enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool, swept through the streets of the town.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!! NOT PORTUGUESE WINE!!!! IT'S SO DELICIOUS!!!! I'm heartbroken to see this, and FURIOUS with myself for leaving Europe 3 days ago and not being able to burst onto the scene to help with the situation. I'm not going to say I would sit at the bottom of a hill with my mouth open, but I would certainly consider it. 

In reality, what a fucking nightmare this is. Red wine too, that shit stains! I'll be interested to see what happens aesthetically in the aftermath of all this. A lot of towns end up having water lines on the outside of their businesses and homes from flooding, but I'd imagine we're going to see a deep burgundy stripe painting the whole place. No joke, I truly do love Portuguese wine so this is a real shame seeing so much wasted. I can't imagine any one person is at fault for this, maybe just the fact that whatever was holding all this wine couldn't handle it anymore. Boy oh boy what a disaster.