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We Need To Revoke The Voting Rights Of The Media Member That Put Alabama 3 Spots Ahead Of Texas In His AP Poll

Okay so the AP Poll got released yesterday afternoon and obviously Texas has skyrocketed from outside the Top 10 to #4 on the backs of going into Tuscaloosa and proceeding to jam all those Horns Down gestures up Nick Saban's ass. 

Anyways, my favorite part of the AP Poll is not release day, rather it is the following day in which the ballots are published.  

Two Things (in order of importance):

1. Chuck Landon from the Charleston Gazette-Mail needs to have his voting rights revoked immediately, and I'm not just talking about his ability to submit an AP Poll list. Someone this stupid should not be allowed to vote in any election. I know many people fought very hard for the right to vote over the years, but at some point we need to take that right away from morons. Am I reading this correctly that he has Alabama at #7 and Texas at #10? That is flat out inexcusable.

This man has me out here comparing ballots from week to week just to see if he's a troll or flat out fucking stupid. Turns out it's the latter. He had Alabama at #2 last week. He had Texas at #12. So clearly he submitted this after the game, because he dropped his #2 team 5 spots in the rankings. But in what world can you still honestly put Bama ahead of Texas after the Longhorns went in as touchdown underdogs on the road and came out as double digit outright winners. And it wasn't some fluke either. Alabama looked pedestrian. Middle of the road. Average! And he's got them 3 spots higher than the team we all just watched handle them? Egregious. An apology needs to be issued. 

2. Dave Reardon and David Japlonski need to put down the beer. I get Texas is "back" and all, but #1 in the country? You guys had them 13th and 11th last week......relax. Prisoners of the moment like you read about. People that vote in these polls should have to put their money where their mouth is. Anyone that has Texas ahead of Georgia should be forced to take them in a pickem on a neutral site field. Vegas would probably give Texas 10 points, but Dave and David say keep em. I have a feeling that if money was on the line, these twos polls would look very, very different. Dumb or dishonest is no way to go through life, boys.

I get that I'm probably too worked up over something as subjective as the AP Poll, but shouldn't these people have working brains to be allowed to make decisions this important?