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Watch: College Frats Have Officially Turned In Hazing For "PledgeTok" And It Is Every Bit As Cringy As It Sounds

First off, let me just say that I do not advocate for hazing. Hazing is bad, mkay. There have been countless incidents where hazing has resulted horrific injury and in some cases, death. It is a good thing that incoming one-hundred-and-ten pound freshman are no longer being locked in rooms, forced to drink entire bottles whiskey until their lips turn blue. We aren't in the 80s anymore.

Having said that, I think we may have gone a little too far in the opposite direction. Don't believe me? Pledgetok. I'm not sure how I got here (carefully curated algorithm), but I genuinely cannot get out of it and my god is it something...

Gone are the days of borderline abusing your subordinate in the name of brotherhood. We are officially in the era of publicly swinging your hips online to DJ Luke Nasty. My how the times have changed. 

I don't even know if I should be commenting on this considering I'm a 33 year old man living in New York City with zero connection to any of these schools, but goddamnit I'm going to. I had a friend who went to UNH and part of his pledging was to literally live in a dark basement filled trash for a week. The brothers would open the door only when they needed something. For those seven days, Durham, New Hampshire may as well have been Guantanamo Bay. Again, that wasn't a good thing, but it sure was different. 

Anyway, what do I care? If these kids can get into a frat by dancing around on TikTok then more power to them. That's it for this one. Thanks for reading.