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Bully Heart: Respect Patrick Peterson Doubling Down About The 49ers Having ‘Tells’ After He Got His Ass Kicked

Archie Carpenter. Shutterstock Images.

Pro Football Talk- Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson claimed last week that the 49ers’ offense had some “tells” that he was going to use to get an interception against them. It didn’t work out that way. Brock Purdy didn’t throw any interceptions as he carved up Peterson and the rest of the 49ers’ secondary in a 30-7 beatdown. After the game, however, Peterson insisted that the tells were there and he was close to intercepting a couple of passes.

“No, it was there. I had an opportunity to get two picks, I just didn’t grab them in. But credit to those guys, those guys did a great job of sticking to their game plan and really getting into their identity,” Peterson said. “We just weren’t in a good enough position to make those plays.”

I gotta be honest, I respect this move so much. Before the game, Patrick Peterson said the 49ers offense had tells. Okay, sure, maybe. I have no idea if they do or not. What I do know is Peterson and the Steelers got their ass kicked. What does he do?

Double down baby. 

I admire someone who just refuses to say they are wrong. Why let facts get in the way of a good story or a prediction? If Mike Tirico can say the Lions win has an asterisk, you can use the same thought process. A couple breaks, a couple times not getting burnt and you’re right. 

I always say it, I love that guys talk shit and in fact we need more of it in society and sports. But you gotta back it up. If you don’t, doubling down is my favorite move yet. Bully heart like Jerry talks about.