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Saban Has Lost His Edge: An Alabama Player Was Having A Ball On IG Live And Bragging About His 170 Viewers After The Tide Lost To Texas At Home

If Amari Niblack did this on an Alabama team of five or 10 years ago, Nick Saban would have started his Monday press conference by saying Niblack had suffered a mysterious, yet season-ending injury and you'd have never heard from him again until you turned on a UAB game the following season and thought to yourself, "Didn't that kid play at Alabama?" Now, joyous Instagram Lives after just the second home non-conference loss in the Saban era are par for the course in Tuscaloosa as he seems content to have his time at the top of the sport go out with a whimper.

I understand that college kids don't take losses as seriously as fans and alumni do. They're 19 and only really care about playing in the NFL, anyway. But if there was one coach in America who didn't allow things like this to go on, it was Saban. And now his players are flexing their 170 IG Live viewers minutes after getting their shit kicked in on their home field. Tough scenes.

I'm so thankful Tennessee finally got a win over the Crimson Tide in what seems likely to be the last season you can really point to where Saban was still Saban. I don't know if this is going to be his last year altogether or not, but it's clear he no longer has his fastball. I didn't know if the day would ever come where we'd actually see it, but there isn't even a conversation to be had anymore about Alabama being the best program in college football.