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Myles Garrett Taunted Joe Burrow Like A Maniac Before The Browns Sacked Him

The man is a lunatic in the absolute best way, especially if you root for him on Sundays.

One more time, close up...

What a freak. Just dialed in. Allowed (especially with the Browns making the huge move of hiring Jim Schwartz to run the defense) to roam free and do whatever he wants, because he is so elite. Reminder that he also loves to thunder down ferocious dunks when he is actually playing basketball...

Out of all the discussions and debates in sports I don't care about, where Myles Garrett ranks among pass rushers is right up at the top of the list. After years of rooting for literal dog shit on the field, having such an insanely good player on the Browns is enough for me. Best? Second best? Third best? Who cares, he's just insane.


Double-teaming him is pointless…


Putting your 4x Pro Bowl, big-ticket free agent signing offensive lineman up against him is also pointless.

Seriously, though, Jim Schwartz might be unlocking a new Myles Garrett.

With the beefed-up interior defensive line, and the addition of Za'Darius Smith. Good luck!