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Michael Owens. Getty Images.

This year's week one was tied for second place for most Rookie QBs, getting a start in week 1. 1970 was the only other season with 3 rookies: Terry Bradshaw (Steelers), Dan Fouts(Chargers, and Jim Plunkett (Patriots). You will remember the names of 2012's 5 rookies: Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Brandon Weeden, and Ryan Tannehill. Seeing 

Kevin C. Cox. Getty Images.

Bryce Young (Carolina Panthers)

Every Play^

 $37.96 million Rookie Contract 

  • Year 1: $750,000 base salary, $24,603,688 signing bonus, $6,900,922 cap hit
  • Year 2: $965,000 base salary, $1.56 million roster bonus, $8,465,922 cap hit
  • Year 3: $1,245,000 base salary, $3.17 million roster bonus, $9,970,922 cap hit
  • Year 4: $1,595,000 base salary, $4.78 million roster bonus, $11,525,922 cap hit
  • 5th-Year Option: $23,835,000 guaranteed


  • 22-of-38 passing (57.9%) for 232 yards and 1 touchdown 2 picks
  • 4 carries for 17 yards
  • 67.3 passer rating
  • Lost to Atlanta Falcons 29-21

The first take is the guy is very good at throwing the football to guys who are right in front of him. You can tell the playcalling was trying to get him comfortable. Hayden Hurst and Miles Sanders had the most targets and receptions really sum up what Young was capable of completing on Sunday. Look 2 picks in a debut is not the worst outing, but you can tell the offense was limited to what Bryce could handle. He reacted well to pressure and conservatively scrambled which will serve him well later in his career. Whenever they tried over-extending to Terrace Marshall or Jonathan Mingo you saw interceptions. 

The guy's slight frame is going to get him hurt if he keeps scrambling like that and both of his picks came from coverages that made throws over the middle of the field look like they were open but really had a ball hawk waiting. Jessie Bates III feasted on the rookie.

Hopefully, Bryce Young will get more comfortable and is able to make some of the bigger plays like he did at Bama. Right now you can see he struggled with NFL pass coverages and can get some confidence. 

He also needs to get his first TD ball back that Hurst Threw.

Ok he got it back.

David Tulis. Shutterstock Images.

C.J. Stroud (Houston Texans)

Every Play^

$36,279,243 Contract

  • Year 1: $750,000 base salary, $5,846,226  signing bonus,$6,596,226  cap hit
  • Year 2: $2,399,056  base salary, $5,846,226  roster bonus, $8,175,733 cap hit
  • Year 3: $4,048,113  base salary, $5,846,226  roster bonus, $10,170,733 cap hit
  • Year 4: $5,697,169  base salary, $5,846,226  roster bonus, $12,165,733 cap hit


  • 16-of-27 passing (59.3%) for 187 yards and 1 touchdown 1 fumble
  • 9 carries for 32 yards
  • 80.4 passer rating
  • Lost to Baltimore Ravens 24-9

It was very obvious that was the most pressure Stroud had ever seen in his career. In the first half Stroud was running around like a chicken with his head chopped off. I don't even think he had more than 3 completions till 5 minutes before the half. Once the prevent defense kicked in it allowed him more room to work and get a drive going for a field goal attempt. 3rd quarter wasn't much better and you can tell he is accustomed to holding onto the ball way too long. His time at Ohio State spoiled him, and we are seeing that in how he reacts to pressure. Very underwhelming performance with stat padding coming by way of screens and swing passes to runningbacks. He also has to work on ball security, His fumble just showed how well-protected he's been throughout his career. Stroud boys stand back and stand by.

John Mersits. Shutterstock Images.

Anthony Richardson (Indianapolis Colts)

$33.994 Million Rookie Contract

  • Year 1: $750,000 base salary, $21,722,932 signing bonus, $6,180,733 cap hit
  • Year 2: $965,000 base salary, $990,000 roster bonus, $8,175,733 cap hit
  • Year 3: $1,245,000 base salary, $1,980,000 roster bonus, $10,170,733 cap hit
  • Year 4: $1,595,000 base salary, $2,970,000 roster bonus, $12,165,733 cap hit
  • 5th-Year Option: $23,835,000 guaranteed


  • 24-of-37 passing (64.9%) for 223 yards and 1 touchdown 1 int
  • 10 carries for 40 yards and 1 touchdown
  • 89.6 passer rating
  • Lost to Jacksonville Jaguars 31-21

Anthony Richardson easily had the best week out of any of the rookies. I don't know if it was just because he was better prepared by his coaches or his running ability allowed him to have a much more diverse offensive attack, but he seemed to have a much easier time throwing the ball and easily was running the ball. The Jalen Hurtsesque short-yardage play is definitely going to be something GMs will value more in draft prospects if they can fit that mold. Richardson's running ability has definitely transferred to the NFL but he hasn't shown anything out of the ordinary arm talent-wise. His late-game incompletions and pick was definitely a contributing factor to the Colt's losing. His pick was a combination of desperation play and an amazing leap of athleticism. 

I think his welcome to the Big Leagues moment was when he realized guys in the NFL can make that grab, whereas that was rare in the SEC. 

Hope to check back in on these guys in a month and see how they are fairing. But for now, I think Richardson has the largest upside.