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Joe Jonas Cried On Stage All Weekend Amidst His Divorce

The Jonas Brothers are on tour right now, right in the middle of all this divorce drama between Joe and Sophie. I'm sure this is extremely difficult for Joe, who announced during one of this concerts (above) that "if you didn't hear it from my lips, it isn't true." I kind of...think this is bullshit because we're clearly seeing a PR battle between his and Sophie's teams online, and I'd imagine if he didn't want the rumors of his wife being a deadbeat mom and borderline alcoholic, he'd just come out and say that. Which I guess is what he's doing here? Whatever though, if this makes him feel better, all for it.

I do think it's a little strange that he keeps crying on stage during songs like "Hesitate," which is a love letter from Joe to Sophie. 

To be clear - I don't think it's strange that he's crying. I think it's strange that he continues to play it even though the whole crew can barely get through it. Look at his family in the audience! They look like they're at a funeral! The cynic in me feels like this is all a little performative. I think the fans will be okay with taking it off the setlist for a few shows? Maybe it's cathartic, but even Taylor Swift took Invisible String off the Eras Tour setlist when she and Joe Alwyn broke up. It's starting to feel a little bit like trauma porn. If it's working, okay great, but when even your fans are saying "they don't want to see you struggle like that," maybe it's time to move along.

Even Nick Jonas is crying during the setlist (although this one is a song about their kids so, this makes more sense.) The tears are contagious! 


I hope they all make it through this, I truly do. Divorce is messy and it's always, always sad when people fall out of love, especially when kids are involved. Maybe Joe needs to keep crying it out with all the fans to get through it, and maybe Sophie needs to hit the bar with her mates. At the end of the day, it's none of our business.