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I Demand Every Single Person Associated With The Giants To Be Kicked Out Of MetLife Stadium At Halftime For This Embarrassment

This is fucking embarrassing and I've lived through some embarrassing losses. It's not the fact that we're down 26-0. It's not the fact that we are even losing or Daniel Jones throwing interception after interception. It's the fucking lack of balls to step up and make a play. It's the dumb errors. 

I really wanted to blame Jawaan Taylor and the Chiefs after Andrew Thomas' false start on 3rd and 2 on the first drive. But I'm better than that. 

What are other OL's across the league supposed to do when the Chiefs get away with it? it took until the 4th quarter and a 4th and 20 for this to be called! But sure on 3rd and 2, Andrew Thomas just happens to jump a little fast against Micah Parsons and then this happens: 

The play directly after a 3rd and 2 leading to this? Of course. Of course. I've seen this story far too long on SNF against the Cowboys. Also this play, clearly having to panic after that blocked FG 

Fucking Jawaan Taylor doing this for an entire game and the NFL letting it happen. I can't think of one other person to blame, except for maybe Thomas McGaughey 


Okay, that takes us through the first possession. FIRST. Then we have the picks, the lack of making plays, the other missed field goal. I want every person associated with the Giants kicked out of the arena. I'm begging someone, anyone to show some balls and try to make this a game. Make a play! I don't care that it's week 1 and there's 16 more. Someone have some balls and step up. I don't care about hope, this is just straight up embarrassing.