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Tua Shows The Chargers What They Could Have Had!

I am literally out of my body. I haven’t felt like this since I took a tab of acid and ecstasy at the same time. The Miami Dolphins put on a fucking clinic, especially my king Tua Tagovailoa. Everyone always wants to give us shit for “drafting the wrong guy” get the fuck out of here. Tua is H1M. Tua went into Herbert’s house and threw for 466 yards and 3 TD’s!!

I never got to see Marino play but this is what I imagine it would feel like. Anytime our offense steps on the field I expect them to score 7. It could be 3rd and 20 and I won’t even flinch. I know this offense is going to move the sticks. This team is different. The Dolphins have the best offense in the NFL, you can disagree all you want! I don’t give a fuck!

The Dolphins drafted the right QB it was only a matter of time until everyone realized it. Yeah, Herbert’s got the big flashy arm, but he doesn’t have the anticipation or accuracy like Tua. Everyone always compares Tua to Herbert as if he’s the fugly sister in Grown Ups, when in reality he’s the absolute rocket. Tua is the best QB the Dolphins have had since Marino, and I can’t fucking wait to see him holding the Lombardi Trophy after this year. LFFGGG