Time is a Flat Circle: Jordan Love And The Packers Go Into Chicago And Dismantle The Bears

Michael Reaves. Getty Images.

Off the top of my head I don't know the suicide rate in Chicago these days, but you have to think it went up after today. 

The Jordan Love era in Green Bay begins with a dismantlement of the Chicago Bears on the road in Soldier Field. Justin Fields? As much of a non-factor and non-winning quarterback as we've seen in the past. Jordan Love? Calm, cool, and collected. He was everything the fanbase could have asked for and more. Definitely stuff to clean up, but overall you can't be happier to see this unfold the way it did. Things got so out of hand that Penn State's Sean Clifford came in for mop up duty. 

There wasn't an area of the game where the Packers didn't have the advantage, but 3rd down they absolutely dominated. 9-16 for GB compared to 3-13 for CHI. You saw it right away when Love found Doubs in the back of the end zone on 3rd and goal for the game's first touchdown. All the nerves and butterflies had to have relaxed after that. 


Also helps to have a guy like Aaron Jones at your disposal. He came up limping with a pulled hammy after this. Probably the only negative thing to come out of today. 

This jump ball to Doubs was perfect. Great ball placement, great snag. 

And you can't forget this crazy play where he found rookie tight end Luke Musgrave down the field. No panic in this man. 

Love achieved his first career game of 200+ yards and 3+ passing touchdowns. For those scoring at home, Justin Fields is still searching for that elusive performance. I'm sure one day he'll get there. 

I'm not entirely sure you'll get a Bears blog from any of the guys considering they're all probably deceased. Just so you get your fix of Justin Fields here's his pick 6 to Quay Walker. Strong ball here. 


Same old Fields. Incredible dynamic runner with almost no ability to make winning plays through the air. 

Tremendous start to the season and career of Jordan Love. Fortunate to have the Bears as his first opponent, but you can't control who ya play. 

Tricky one in Atlanta next week to keep things rolling. 

Go Pack Go