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As If The Yankees' Season Couldn't Be Anymore Of a Nightmare, Jasson Dominguez Aka "The Martian" Needs Tommy John Surgery After Tearing His UCL

Jim McIsaac. Getty Images.

It's truly incredible that even in a time where the Yankees are playing glorified spring training games in September where the results are meaningless that they suffer yet another devastating blow. I thought we were free from further pain. I was out! They couldn't bother me anymore. The kids were up doing there thing and getting their feet wet in the bigs. Just gain some experience heading into 2024 when things then become real. Simple as that.  


In the middle of the first NFL Sunday of the year we're handed news that Jasson Dominguez, aka "The Martian" is going to need TOMMY JOHN SURGERY!   

First of all, this optimism Jeff Passan is trying to feed us with those tweets is infuriating. Do you know how incompetent this training staff is? This is the same group that was told of his injury on Wednesday and let him play multiple games afterwords. Whether he was going to suffer this injury regardless is besides the point of how idiotic and reckless that concept is. 

So THAT medical staff is going to get him in position to barely miss any time in 2024? No fucking chance. Why are they hellbent on playing guys through injuries while at the same time they're so cautious about rest time when they're actually healthy? It's nonsense. They are all morons put on this Earth to ruin my life. The Rizzo concussion stuff should have been the final straw, but just ignoring your young top prospect complaining about elbow soreness is insane. 

You don't see Dominguez until at least August next year knowing them. It's also not like they have the luxury of doing the Harper with him and DHing him for a few months until he's ready for the field. The black hole that is Giancarlo Stanton takes up the DH and continues to kill this roster's flexibility. 

It's just another depressing blow. Like what the fuck man, really? We can't enjoy a single fucking thing these days, huh? If you happen to be a Giants-Yankees fan like Mush and Tommy then I can't imagine you being any lower right now. 

I don't even know how this changes their attack plan for the offseason. Is Bellinger now a must? Kinda seems like it. You can't afford to dick around any longer with the offense considering Cole and Judge's primes only have x amount of years left. Please waste this. They're totally gonna waste it. 

We'll always have those 8 games in September when he hit 4 homers and gave us hope for next year. Just end this disaster of a season now and let me be free of this misery.