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Geno Smith Was Rightfully Scared Shitless Of A Full Speed Aaron Donald Coming Directly At Him Unblocked


You know that scene in Not Another Teen Movie when the special needs kid is ripped in half? 

I'm surprised that hasn't happened for real on a football field yet. I think it's inevitable. And Aaron Donald would be my pick to be on the ripping apart end of the ordeal. The guy is the biggest freak of nature in human history. If Geno was looking the opposite way and Donald laid into him, I am almost positive Geno would currently be in two halves, like a woman sawed in half by a magician so to speak. 

It's good to see QBs out there are scared for their lives on every play. You can be as tough as you want, but Donald is a different animal. You make a business decision there 100 times out of 100. If Geno hangs in the pocket there his best case scenario would be a ripped spleen and pissing blood for a week. Worst case he's a hologram doing interviews on the Today Show thanking his doctors, if you're picking up what I'm putting down.