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J.C. Jackson, The Biggest FA Bust In Chargers History, Just Logged A PI On An End-Of-Half Hail Mary

I included this blog from last year just to establish the timeline for this bum. When the chargers signed Jackson a couple years ago for that massive contract I was pumped. He was the best corner on the market and all he did was reel in INTs for the patriots. I was scared that he, like most players Belichick doesn’t retain, was a sneaky loser that would suck outside of the Patriots system. I chose to believe in him and ignore all the pats fans warning me about what would happen

Well, here we are. He played 5 games last year, sucked absolute ass every snap, and then blew open his kneecap. As much as I had shit on him during that season, I was hoping that maybe a good recovery and more time in the system(he was recovering from an injury during the first training camp) would do him good. 

It didn’t. The entire first half of this game vs Miami he has been roasted alive by whatever dolphins receiver was across from him. And it all climaxed with that play above. The one fucking thing you can’t do defending on a Hail Mary and he did it. FUCK. YOU. He should walk home, clear out his locker and slink back to New England where Belichick will undoubtably turn him back into an all pro. 

UPDATE: he got his first pick as a charger (the thing they paid him 82 million for) in the end zone. And, even when doing something right, he had to do something wrong by taking it out of the end zone to the 5. This lead to the chargers almost giving up a safety. He then immediatly followed it up on the next defensive possession by getting burned for a 40 yard touchdown.