Joe Burrow Got Paid The Highest Contract Ever For A QB And Threw For 82 Yards And Benched In His 1st Game Of The Year

Cool Joe absolutely sucks against the Browns. You just cannot get paid that much money and not even throw for 90 yards in your first game since putting ink to paper. Joe put up an embarrassing performance today and the Browns absolutely own him. I get it he was hurt during the preseason but still, my god. 

I think Burrow gets a big pass because he is so cool and likable but let's not forget how good the Bengals defense was during that Super Bowl run. The AFC North division is so much better now too with the Deshaun on the Browns, and the Ravens who are going to win the division even with Dobbins going down. Cool Joe is going to have a tougher time than most people thought...and it would be really unfortunate if they paid him all of that money to come in third in the division .