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Deshaun Watson May Have Already Locked Up The Worst Interception Of The Year Award

First of all, what? No shit it's one of the worst INTs of the 2023 season. The season started fifteen minutes ago. That's a horribly worded tweet and the boss agrees.

But the social team's incoherent gibberish is not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is that the Browns traded three 1st Round draft picks to be allowed to guarantee Deshaun Watson $230 million dollars, so throws like this are flat out unacceptable.

He had all the time in the world:

And this is the throw we got:

Jesus Christ, Deshaun. Now we've got Twitter running wild with "too much massage oil on the hands?" jokes. But fair is fair, because the fact of the matter is Baker Mayfield could've made that throw for a few hundred million dollars less.

Regardless, I'm still in on QB1, especially as he is currently outplaying the highest paid player in NFL history, Joe Burrow, right in front of our very eyes today. But if this team is going to win the Super Bowl we need to be able to throw it to players in our own uniforms.