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An Announcer Honestly Said Taysom Hill Is 'One Of The Best Football Players Ever' Because He Plays A Bunch Of Positions Or Some Bullshit Like That

What are we doing here? What the fuck are we doing here to be exact? Taysom Hill is the best football player of all time because he sucks at every position so he plays them all? There are very few people that can be average at best at all the positions and still get to play them. You don't think Justin Jefferson would be an elite quarterback or something else too? Of course he can! The Taysom Hill bullshit has gone on too long. I know Tommy was all over it, but now it's well known. Taysom Hill is not that ogod. 

I know it's week 1 for everyone. We're getting back into the swing of things. But you can't be out here calling Taysom Hill one of the best football players in the HISTORY of the sport. You can't be doing that if you're drinking everything and don't realize a hot mic is on by you. I just don't understand this one bit. 

We need to stop the Taysom Hill hype. I hate it so much. He's a running quarterback who sometimes catches balls and that's it. Congrats on not being good enough to be a full time starter somewhere.