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Baker Mayfield Is Showing The Football World That The Bucs Are Better Off With Him Instead of Tom Brady

I love having some week one over reactions. Baker Mayfield had two touchdowns today and used his weapons beautifully. Everyone made fun of this guy, but he went out there in his first game with a new team slinging against the Vikings and won the game. I honestly think the Rams saved his carer last year. It is awesome to see him out there throwing to guys who you can actually name, instead of the Panthers disaster last year. 

I mean look at this man!! Putting the team on his back. I don't think I have ever seen Tom Brady run like that. No turnovers, 2 tds and did everything he had to do to win this game. The Bucs were +900 to have the worst record in football, but you guys don't know pigskin like me. 

The Bucs have a really good defense and you're going to watch them win this South division. Tom Brady couldn't throw anymore and wasted a year of Mike Evans and Godwin. They can become a duo that you should be scared. Baker is back.