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Everybody Wants To Be Travis Hunter … Even Justin Jefferson Who Just SMASHED Christian Izien

I feel like I’m in middle school. “You’re sweating me” or “you’re sweating my style” as in someone clearly copying someone’s outfit, music taste, walk, car , or even schoolbag. No one wanted you copying their specific quirk. Made you lame. 

Well I don’t know who exactly “sweated” who here because Justin Jefferson sweated Travis Hunter by trying to be a DB and a WR , but technically Travis Hunter sweated Deion Sanders by playing both WR and DB in 90’s for the Cowboys as well as playing two sports. 

I’m here to say I don’t care who sweats who if WR’s keep making MASSIVE hits like this … the better it is. What an absolute SMOKING. 

In the High School locker room Izien woulda been called “Tiles” because he got LAID OUT!