Yeah, It Took Exactly One Play For The Entire World To Agree Bijan Robinson Is Awesome

Yeah, okay, this is the type of guy you take early and try to rebuild a team. Bijan Robinson is filthy, that move was awesome. Nothing like scoring your first career touchdown and looking back and seeing a dude just laying on the ground, head refusing to look at the end zone because you juked him so bad. I know I'm anti-running back early, but if you have a running back to continue to do this, just go ahead and admit it's awesome. I'm a sucker for cool shit and this is cool shit. 

If I'm the Falcons I would simply stop letting Desmond Ridder pass the ball to himself and just let Bijan do it all. Sure, Drake London and Kyle Pitts are cool and all, but Bijan fucking rules. Just give him the rock like it's Boobie Miles and get the hell out of the way. Or just watch because he's going to embarrass a whole bunch of people.