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Trevor Lawrence Just Threw The First Of Many TD's To Calvin Ridley

It's easy to forget how good Calvin Ridley is. The last time we saw him, he was catching passes thrown by Matt Ryan (who was more washed up than we even thought). He hasn't played in an NFL game since October 21, 2021. Dune was the number one movie in theaters. Jeff D. Lowe hadn't even dedicated his entire life to the film yet. That's how long ago we are talking about.

Flash forward to today and Ridley is the perfect player for Trevor Lawrence. Ridley is so wildly talented that he gives this growing team a boost of electricity. Watching the Jaguars on that drive, it seems impossible that they won't win the division. Who else do you think can pull it off in the AFC South?

The Titans? Ryan Tannehill looks like the kind of gassed QB the Colts would bring in for a career finale. The Colts and Texans have rookie QB's. I think both teams are making the right decisions but these won't even be competitive teams this season.

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Trevor Lawrence is going to be so good. You have to throw away that rookie season. Urban Meyer was so awful. Lawrence's QB rating was 10 points higher when Darren Bevell was head coach for the final four games. Obviously the improvement last year was clear and present.

Adding Ridley makes everyone better. Now the number one CB won't be up Christian Kirk's ass. Look at how Ridley got in front of his defender for the very first catch he had today.

We need to put Lawrence/Ridley right there with Mahomes/Kelce, Burrow/Chase ,Cousins/Jefferson and Allen/Diggs as the most elite tandems in the NFL. I hope we can add Rodgers/Wilson to this list very soon.