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NOT GOOD: Escaped Convicted Murderer In Philly Suburbs Has Changed His Appearance And Stole A White Van

CHESTER COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) -- There has been a new possible sighting overnight Saturday of escaped Chester County inmate Danelo Cavalcante, according to Upper Providence Township Police. The 34-year-old is believed to have changed his appearance and moved to a new location, and now is said to have a vehicle. This, as the manhunt for the convicted murderer continues into the 11th day Sunday. Just before 4:30 a.m. Sunday, police released new images of a man captured on a Ring camera in East Pikeland Township, who is believed to be Cavalcante. In the new images, the man is seen wearing a black baseball-style hat, a yellow or green hooded sweatshirt, green prison pants and white shoes. However, the man does not have a beard or mustache, which is different than previously released photos of Cavalcante.

This friggin' guy psychopath. If this was an innocent man or even someone convicted of a non-violent crime he'd almost be an appealing figure. But he's not. He murdered his girlfriend by stabbing her over 30 times in front of her 2 young children. He's evil. And he's been somehow outwitting over 500+ people searching for him over the last 11 days. It started with him straight up Jason Bourning out of the prison (in which the guard on watch apparently had is personal phone on him and has since been fired): 

Then he spent a good 10 days just toying with the manhunt around Longwood Gardens, just miles away from the prison. 

Now he has a van. A white, windowless van, to be exact. At least he's consistent with the scumbgarry. 

Unacceptable. Get this fuckstick and send him straight to hell. Find the van, find the man. Happy damn NFL Sunday. 

INSTANT UPDATE: The Van has been found. Now find the man.