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The Jaguars' Wives And Girlfriends Are LETTING LOOSE Before Their 2023 Season Kicks Off

NY Post- The Jaguars’ WAGs had a wild time at their luncheon ahead of the 2023 NFL season.

Marissa Lawrence, who is married to Jacksonville quarterback Trevor Lawrence, recently hosted a tea party for the significant others of fellow Jaguars players, which ended with lots of laughs and twerking, according to a TikTok video posted by Krystal Robertson-Harrison, the wife of defensive end Roy Robertson-Harris.

In the video, Marissa is seen behind the wheel of an SUV while Ozzy Ozkan, who’s engaged to Jaguars wideout Christian Kirk, is dancing in the front seat.

Marina Eddy, who is dating Jaguars wide receiver and return specialist Jamal Agnew, was seen waving her white stilettos in the air while capturing Ozkan’s twerking.

Have yourself a day Jags WAGs!!! I personally hate the term WAGs because it makes me feel like some bloke workingfor a British tabloid, but I love that Jags WAGs rhymed in this case and it does make things easier for the girlfriends of athletes not ready for the super serious sacrament known as marriage.

Anyway, it's beautiful to see that type of excitement around the Jaguars now that expectations have been raised following last season's surprising AFC South title. Well surprising for people that don't know ball and didn't pick them at big ol' number to win the division before last year like I did (that I will reference in every Jags blog I ever write because it’s the only time my dumbass has looked smart betting the NFL).

Nonetheless, this is the best Jaguars fans like Uncle Chaps have felt since General Coughlin was roaming the sidelines in the 90s or atop the org chart that year he had Jacksonville one blown call away from the BOAT leading the Jags to the Super Bowl against New England and these lovely ladies are the face of that excitement. Specifically Christian Kirk's fiance Ozzy who was going off the rails like a crazy train in that video and will probably have to do that every week if the Jaguars win just to keep the good juju flowing. Based on her Instagram, that shouldn't be a problem considering the camera seems to love her no matter where she is around the globe.


Have yourself a day Ozzy and best of luck to the Jags, who will be riding off of these lovely ladies' energy but will also have to deal with Anthony Richardson's unreal athleticism AND fashion.