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It's Finally Here, Our First Game In The Post-Snyder Era, I'm About To Bust!!!


Everyone sing it!!!

I can't believe we're here. It is really happening. A real, regular season game of importance for our Washington Football Commanders without Dan Snyder in the owner's box. Lord have mercy I'm about to bust!!!!

It's truly just a great time to be alive. A new era, a new chapter in our football fandom. We survived over 2 decades under Snyder and watched our once proud franchise become not only a joke in the football world, but also internationally with all of the off the field scandals that plagued us week in and week out for years. 

But now, the Josh Harris…and Magic Johnson era has arrived and I am fired the fuck up.


Everything feels so surreal. The city is rejuvenated. The community around the team is optimistic for the first time in ages. People are fired up about the Commies and don't have to worry about the owner ruining everything for us. Shit, even Ovi is there!!!

We are so back!!!

It's such a freeing, incredible feeling. And the cherry on top, today SHOULD be a win. We can't lose track of that- they still have to perform on the field, but beating the Cardinals shouldn't be the hardest task. I want a butt whoopin'. An ass kicking. An annihilation. Start this new era out with an absolute beatdown and say hey, we ain't Dan Snyder's Commanders. Let's go. HTTC.