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Gregg Williams Was Tailgating At 9:00 AM In The Muni Lot Outside Cleveland Browns Stadium

This is how you know that Cleveland is the best and that our tailgating scene is second to none. Because you would think that Gregg Williams would be salty after not getting named the Browns head coach back in 2018. He took over as the interim for Poo Jackson, who was 3-36-1 as the head coach, and led the team to a 5-3 record to finish the season. I mean, let's not forget that Gregg Williams technically has the 3rd best winning percentage in franchise history.

How did he not get the job? This team has a 33% winning percentage since we came back to Cleveland, and he had us over 60! He has to hate the organization for letting him go, right? Wrong. He's in the fucking Muni Lot at 9:00 in the morning wearing a Dawg Chain and partying with the locals.  

What a visual. Buddy went from winning a Super Bowl to drinking next to a guy wearing a helmet visor without a helmet. 

What I need to know is if that's Gregg's dawg bone necklace or if someone gave it to him. If he had that before he arrived at 9:00 am this morning, I want Andrew Berry to go pick his ass up from the tailgate and hire him on the spot to do something on this coaching staff. His "gets us" factor is off the charts. 

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My God I'm so fired up for today. Everything is coming up Cleveland. This is the year!!!