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Joel Embiid Continues To Make Sixers The Most Hatable Team In Philly, Will Be At Commanders Home Opener Today

Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.

Joel Embiid is making over $200 million. That money is coming out of the pocket of Josh Harris. So I mean…I get it. This man signs your checks and has allowed you to accumulate generational wealth. It's hard to say no to a man who has made you a millionaire 200 times over. 

I don't blame him for this one bit, but I mean…holy shit is it impossible to root for this Sixers team any less after this. 

The James Harden situation at least made a little sense. He lacks character. We all knew that heading into his time in Philadelphia. We tried to pretend like it wasn't the case, and that maybe the Sixers would be the team to save him. But James Harden lacks honor, integrity, and will run away and get obese anytime that things don't go his way. This summer has been par for the course. 

But Joel? Well at least we could believe that Joel Embiid cared enough about Philly to make us care about him despite the fact that he hasn't been able to get the Sixers beyond the 2nd round. Not that he'd have an unwavering loyalty to this city in the same way that a guy like Bryce Harper has come in and displayed. But at least enough that he wouldn't completely turn heel on the city. It would be one thing if he grew up a Washington fan his whole life, similar to the way Jalen Hurts will throw on a Houston hat every once in a while. But imagine if Jalen showed up sitting court side while the Sixers were busy getting their dicks kicked in by the Miami Heat. You don't think Embiid would have a total meltdown over that on Twitter? Think again, Cowboy. 

Today is just another example of how this Sixers team has zero redeeming qualities about them. If you support the new Sixers arena at this point, you are actively rooting against Philadelphia. The same way Joel is.

P.S. -- You know that KD and Joel are going to spend the whole day orchestrating what city they're moving to next. Can't wait for that saga to unfold.