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After Sitting In Aaron Rodgers' Shadow For Three Years, Jordan Love Finally Begins His Reign As The Starting Quarterback Of The Green Bay Packers

Patrick McDermott. Getty Images.

Yeah that's right I'm still a Packers fan. Funny enough when Favre left for the Jets my dad asked me if I was gonna root for him in New York or stay with allegiance to Green Bay. As if I had a choice. As bizarre as it may be that I'm a Packers fan, I'm loyal. Still, just a week ago during a phone call with my mom I was asked the same fucking question. Jump ship with Rodgers, or stay with Green Bay? I'm insulted. While I hope Rodgers play great for New York, I can only hope they lose in painful fashion in January. I've got too many Jets friends who don't deserve happiness. 

Today the Green Bay Packers begin their regular season and for the first time since 2008, number 12 won't be taking snaps under center. Instead it'll be the guy the front office pushed all their chips into the middle for, Jordan Love. 

The 2023 season for the Pack will be one that's surrounded by a ton of mystery. No one knows what to expect. We didn't see a whole lot of him at Utah State and it's been three years since he was drafted. He studied under Rodgers for as long as he could and absorbed as much information as humanly possible. It's time to see what he's got. 

There's a ton of excitement with the unknown. It's also okay to be absolutely fucking terrified. In a way it feels like they equally have nothing and everything to lose this year. How much can we really expect from him in year one? At the same time they've got a pretty soft schedule and enough skill on both sides of the ball to win games. I'm talking in circles. Despite having done this song and dance with Rodgers before, I still don't know how to act. 

While Love goes through his growing pains I fully anticipate the defense showing up. DC Joe Barry asked his unit what they wanted to play in the offseason and the overwhelming response was more press coverage and man-to-man. Kind of a bad sign he had to ask this, but at least they're making the switch. Guys like Jaire Alexander don't want to sit in zone, they want to showcase their talent. I think that aspect of the team takes a huge step up this year. That monster Rashan Gary being back certainly helps. 

But how far the team goes revolves around Love's performance. Pretty much the entire front office's jobs rest on this guy's right arm. They traded up for this fucker in the first round of the 2020 draft. It was a stunner of all stunners and thus began the exit plan for Rodgers. 

Since that trade nothing really happened. Just kidding, it was a fucking shit show. Rodgers went nuclear on the front office, won a few MVPs out of spite, signed a new deal, disappointed in the postseason, went on a darkness retreat, toyed with retirement, and then orchestrated his departure from the organization. 

Now we get to find out if all of this was worth it. Was that trade the most bone headed, unnecessary move ever, or did they know something? 

Love had himself a really nice preseason. He made some throws that made you pause and think maybe, just maybe he can be the guy. 

While those throws were nice, they don't mean shit once the ball is kicked off at Soldier Field later today. Oh, that's right, his first start as the new leader of the team is in Chicago, and he'll be without his burner of a wideout in Christian Watson. No pressure man! One guy I'm stoked to see out there is tight end Luke Musgrave. This guy is a physical freak and should help out Love big time with the passing game. I don't play fantasy anymore, but if you're thin at TE he's a good guy to stash. 

There are a ton of potential storylines and outcomes that can come out of today. I can't think of a funnier one than Jordan Love going into Chicago and beating the Bears. They're only a one point dog so at least Vegas is showing some respect. 

Let's have a day folks. It's basically a national holiday.