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5 Takeaways From Michigan's Dominant Win Against UNLV

1- J.J. McCarthy is the most talented Michigan quarterback of my lifetime 

Many a Michigan quarterback has suffered from a severe case of overhype. This is one of those rare instances in which the hype is justified. J.J. McCarthy looks like a man on a mission right now. The running game has yet to open up the way that we expected, but it hasn't mattered. No one is going to put yesterday's performance on the Mount Rushmore of greatest quarterback performances by Michigan QB, nor should they, but it was as in sync as I've seen a quarterback here in a long time. He looks like an absolute pro. 

2- The defense line came out pissed, and got to the quarterback early and often

This is a pretty simple observation, but Michigan did have some issues getting to the quarterback last week. They were phenomenal in pass coverage. They only allowed three points, so I'm nitpicking. I thought perhaps, with the up-tempo offense that UNLV likes to run, Michigan would have difficulty getting into the backfield, but that wasn't the case. Michigan accumulated five sacks in the first half Alone. Jesse Minter has been a phenomenal hire as a defensive coordinator. There might not be any individual on this defense that blows you away, but every piece fits in perfectly. 

3- J.J. was great, but this receiving core is legit, and the coaching staff finally knows how to utilize them

I've often said that I didn't feel like depth at the wide receiver position was an issue for Michigan in the past. They've underutilized some really talented receivers. I said last week that Roman Wilson has firmly established himself as WR1. I stand by that. He's clearly J.J.'s favorite target. As great as J.J. looked, these receivers were getting open. It adds such a different dynamic when you can spread out the field with a mobile quarterback. Defenses are going to have to play a game of pick your poison. When the running game opens up, good luck to the competition.

4- That dominant running game isn't back quite yet, but it's getting close

It seems like Blake Corum is slowly easing his way back to full health. He had a fine game on Saturday. He carried the ball 15 times, ran for 80 yards, and scored three touchdowns. As a whole, Michigan's running game was fine, rushing for 174 yards. But I know that they can be better. As I said last week, I want these guys' legs to be fresh in the meaningful games. I feel like Donovon Edwards has basically been a non-factor in these first two games. I can't view that as a negative. Harbaugh units like to wear teams down. They'll be able to do that if these guys are fully healthy late in the season.

5- Everyone better stay healthy, because the second unit looks ROUGH

Yeah, I have to throw this out there. I've said that this will be Michigan's best shot to win the National Championship. It's not to say that the Harbaugh program will fall off necessarily, but the starters they have right now are elite. The same cannot be said about the backups. The offense especially looks completely inept when J.J. and company aren't out there. It's a minor complaint. We're probably not going to see these guys very often. But backups are unimportant until they become extremely important. We just have to hope everybody stays healthy because I think there's a depth issue.