A Replay Just Revealed A Hidden Tap And Overturned A Fight At UFC 293

Listen - I know most of you are watching Alabama/Texas right now and the use of replay changing the result of a UFC prelim isn't necessarily the juiciest news you've ever heard, but this was an EXHILARATING moment for any Carlos Ulberg inside the distance bettor. 

Ulberg - a teammate of Israel Adesanya now on a five-fight win streak - came into this one a big favorite, and showed why in the fight, where he mostly dominated....

He definitely wanted the finish at the end of the third round, where he threw Da Un Jung in a rear naked choke - but the horn sounded, and the fight went to the scorecards.....OR SO WE THOUGHT!

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Jon Anik quickly announced that someone in the production truck thought they spotted a tap, and sure enough - they did! 

Jung tapped out to the choke with 11 seconds left in the fight, overturning the result and giving Ulberg the first submission win of his career. 

Afterwards, he called out Dominick Reyes, which was a bit of a weird one to me. 


Reyes is still a ranked fighter, and I know Ulberg wants to make his way into those rankings, but he's 0-4 in his last four and hasn't fought in almost a year. It's a call out that almost feels like you're punching down right now.

BREAKING NEWS MID-BLOG: Tyson Pedro just KO'd Anton Turkalj as I was writing this blog….

What a celebration as well, huh?! He went full samurai and said keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth! 

For context, here's the moment Pedro's wife was brought up….

Probably not the best idea from the Pleasure Man.

Two other things I wanna mention before I'm done with this blog….

1. Charles Radtke gave one of the most insane UFC debut interviews ever.


DC urging the crowd the "give it up" for him after that was hilarious. Uhh, not sure they're gonna do that!

He's already put out the dreaded notes app apology….

2. Elbow dislocations are the WORST….

Watch at your own risk. It's basically like watching a bone snap. Real shitty way for Jenkins to lose that fight.