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19 Year Old Coco Gauff Is Your U.S. Open Champion!

KENA BETANCUR. Getty Images.

19 years old and on top of the world! Coco Gauff is your 2023 U.S. Open women's champion. To do it taking down new world no. 1 Aryna Sabalenka in the way she did is crazy impressive. We've been talking about Coco for years now it feels like and she's still so young. She had to all come together this summer on the U.S. hard court to bring home her first ever grand slam title. Bringing on Brad Gilbert as her new coach has done wonders for her game. 18-1 since that change sounds pretty good to me.

Maybe that and her dad chilling in the suite rather than her coaching box.

Sabalenka started out on fire and it looked all the parts of a rout. Down a set, Coco woke up and stared ripping forehands. Fuck it, why not? She chose aggression and it worked brilliantly. Coco absorbed Sabalenka's power and hit back with her own. 


The end result was a U.S. Open championship. I've been writing blogs about this woman for basically four years now, ever since she burst onto the scene as a 15 year old at Wimbledon. Very cool to see it all come together here. No longer is she a hope for American tennis, she's the real thing. Her life just changed forever. She's the fourth American woman since 2000 to bring home this title and I got a feeling there's a whole lot more to come. 

P.S. I wonder how different this goes if Dave was courtside in Sabalenka's box with his devil magic going on. We'll never know.