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We Have Ourselves A Big Guy Touchdown... PASS!

Oh, baby! We've seen the Big Guy Touchdown Run, the Big Guy Touchdown Catch, the Big Guy Fumble Return Touchdown, and the Big Guy Pick Six, but this is a different level of special moment for all football Big Guys out there.

THE BIG GUY TOUCHDOWN PASS by Cooper Mumford, a Freshman Offensive Lineman from the Colorado Mesa Mavericks.

It's not just that he picked up the fumble and tossed it for the score, it's the fact he picked it up and acted as if that was the design of the play. This man is maxed out with a 99/99 Awareness rating in NCAA Football video games. He is a field general with the way he handles the ball and scans the field. His Michael Vick-esque scrambling ability and "throw on the run" skill should not be taken for granted. Not only that, but his buttery soft touch is the icing on the cake. He didn't toss some wobbly duck the wide receiver had to work for, he effortlessly finessed the ball in there and saved the day.

Celebrate everywhere Football Big Guys, this moment is for you.

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