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Only Jim Harbaugh Would Spend His Saturday Working As A Member Of The Chain Gang For A Football Game Being Played By 10 Year Olds

He’s such a freak, dude. And I mean that with nothing but love. You can say a million things about Jim Harbaugh. He has as many haters as maybe any college football coach in the country, but the one thing you can’t deny is the guy is completely genuine. If he wasn’t a very successful football coach, he would probably be working at Barstool. He is the ultimate example of a weird brain with an undying passion for one thing and one thing alone: football.

As of the time I’m writing this, Michigan is beating up UNLV in the second game of the season. Thankfully, the Harbaugh saga will be over next week after Michigan beats whatever community college they have on the schedule. After that, Harbaugh will be back. I look forward to seeing him return, but we will be without hilarious stories like these.

The one question I would love to ask Jim Harbaugh is if he’s aware of his quirkiness. Is there any other major college football coach that would spend their time on Saturday morning doing the chain gang at a peewee football game? Not that I can think of. I can’t imagine Kirby Smart getting up early on a Saturday to watch 10-year-olds play football. That’s a Harbaugh way. Right now, it’s working. 

I feel like I’m burying the lede a little bit here. Harbaugh‘s 10-year-old son was playing in this game. It’s not like he woke up and just decided to be a part of the chain gang for some random league. He went to watch his son. But if Jim Harbaugh is suspended from coaching college football, he will do anything possible to ensure that he is a part of a football game in some capacity. It doesn’t matter the league, it doesn’t matter the level, it doesn’t even matter the ages, he is the ultimate football guy. I look forward to seeing how he’s going to spend next Saturday.