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Shedeur Sanders Says Matt Rhule "Said A Lot Of Things" About Colorado And Deion So Today's Game Was Personal

So unless you live under a rock, you saw Deion and Shedeur lead Colorado to a 2-0 start and open a can of whoop ass on Matt Rhule and Nebraska. After the game Shedeur said it was extremely personal because of what Rhule said over the offseason. Now Nebraska fans are claiming that never happened. I'm a JOURNALIST in every sense of the word, so I did my research and I'll leave it up to you to decide:


There were already social media disputes as to whose idea it was for the best players to wear single digit numbers as it is a method both coaches use, and now the latest occurrence stems from comments Rhule made in a recent press conference.

When discussing things such as spring ball and the transfer portal, Rhule made it known when the latest portal window opened it wasn't something that he was losing sleep over. In fact, he even went as far to say "I hear other schools saying they can't wait for today (Saturday)... the transfer portal, I can't wait to coach my guys."

While he didn't directly mention Sanders, Colorado and Sanders himself have made it known over the past couple weeks that when the portal was open they will be active again. The Buffs have not been shy about letting the college football world know that they will be rebuilding their team through the portal. Something we have seen already in the early stages, as the Buffs brought in yet another transfer in Old Dominion EDGE Deeve Harris. 

So he didn't actually mention Colorado but they took it as that? This is just another example of how the people who love Deion are going to love him regardless, and the haters are going to find anyway to nit pick everything they do. Regardless, they're 2-0 and until someone beats them I say they should be allowed to talk their talk. Until then, they're going to hit you with the "and I took that personally" and continue being the media darling of this year's CFB season. 

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