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Healthy Debate: Should Colorado Fans Storm The Field After Beating A Winless Unranked Nebraska Team

In my opinion who gives a flying fuck what the students do. I think if Alabama beat Nebraska yeah it would be a little weird but Colorado won one game last year. These kids are so excited that they have two possible heisman players on their team and Deion Sanders in their coach. Let them storm the field half of them are probably drunk anyway and I don't understand why people care so much about this. If anyone should be mad it will be Colorado because they are probably going to have to pay a fine for all of this. 

I think storming goes case by case because you get a lot of hardos that will say they were a favorite and ranked vs unranked so you shouldn't storm the field. I think in this case you say who gives a fuck because their hasn't been a story like Colorado in college football in a long time. They are two games away from hitting their team wins total in week 2. Lets the kids have fun and let them be excited. Big Cat has the same take as me but Rico just wants to focus on CVS employees.