The Football Gods Are Pulling For Colorado After This Catch Off A Deflection

I mean it just ain't your day if you are a Nebraska fan. It's bad enough nearly every bounce is going against you and Jeff Sims is as turnover machine and you got Nebraska fans and backers playing the "the score should be" game me that's a dangerous move and it only gets you mad. 

Now you get some pressure on Shedeur Sanders and the football Gods decide they still want to laugh at you and allow the flukiest of fluky plays to have the ball deflect perfect enough for the WR to still catch it. Just an absolute stamp that it just ain't your day. 

Of course, Nebraska could have buckled down and overcame that weird play and got off the field and battled sand rallied right? I mean they could have but if you know anything about Nebraska you will know that ...they didn't. 

The drive continued with two huge plays.


But wait Nebraska holds them to just a field goal … they can rally !!! Right ?

Wrong … 

Just ain't your day boys …