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There's A Non-Zero Chance Shedeur Sanders Is The Best Quarterback In The 2024 NFL Draft

Look, I'm not an NFL Draft analyst — and I know everyone that claims to be loves using Caleb Williams's dick as a pacifier — but through two games against Power Five teams, all I've seen from Shedeur Sanders is him making fucking plays.

He can stand in the pocket and deliver a dime 40 yards downfield, extend the play and find an open receiver or escape and get loose for a 25-yard gain with his legs. And then he can fit throws in like that touchdown pass to Xavier Weaver. Williams seems unlikely to be overtaken for the top quarterback in next year's draft barring him completely falling off a cliff, but based on the first two weeks, Sanders should absolutely be right there in the conversation for the next quarterback taken. He's a monster.

It seems safe to say at this point his skillset not only translates to the Power Five, but to the NFL, too.

UPDATE: he did it again. (This ended up not counting because Shedeur placed the ball too perfectly and it touched one blade of grass, but that's the receiver's fault.)